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Happy Holidays!

A most delightful project, yet strangely one of the more challenging I’ve had in a while. Many ideas came about as I worked long and hard on this holiday greeting card for lawyer Barbara West, yet none quite resolved. That is, until I espied, while breaking for lunch, an old stainless steel cigarette case I’ve used to carry around business cards. With this serendipitous inspiration, creating the custom flourishes, selecting the festive yet elegant colors, and putting together the design came quickly. Below, you can see the front (Happy Holidays!) and back of the card, along with the inside spread (and the lovely cigarette case).

Barbara, who admits to having flunked typing, exclaimed in an email: “I got the cards…they are geutiful. THANK YOU.” I’m assuming geutiful is a good thing.

Printing performed by Sue Lewis at Print Services NW.

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