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“With heart beating against heart, hand clasped in hand, and eyes looking burning words which lips dare not speak, the waltz becomes one long, sweet and purely sensual pleasure.”  — T. A. Faulkner (1892)

When Richard Powers — associate professor of dance at Stanford University, leading dance historian, choreographer, and teacher of American social dance for more than 25 years — and his long-time teaching partner Angela Amarillas come to town for a dance workshop, it’s a big deal. Communicating the elegance and flowing nature of the waltz was the primary factor directing type and design choices. Colors were selected to complement the beautiful painting created by a student for Richard. Unfortunately the painting image was provided as a low-resolution JPEG, resulting in a blurred and less than optimal print job. Nevertheless, with some helpful manipulation to boost highlights, I felt the overall sensibility communicated by the image overcame its flaws. Would you agree?

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  1. Sean’s work on this Richard Powers Waltz poster was exceptional!!! I loved it when I attended the weekend workshop and now know whose expertise was behind the work.

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