Distilling potent graphic solutions which clearly deliver the intended message and tastefully express client’s core passion.

Sean Donovan has been empowering clients to effectively connect with their customers since 1995, by employing creative, thoughtful solutions for visual, tactile and written communications. For information or free consultation, contact:

dd logo contact

Donovan Design can help your business get busy with outstanding graphic design including brochures, business cards, logo design, posters, web elements and other exciting promotional and marketing materials.


Creative. Responsive. Conceptual. Great listener. Exceptional communication skills, including writing, verbal, visual and tactile. Collaborative. Accurate attention to detail, including proofreading and editing. Positive, affable and proactive.

Skills & Strategy

  • Collaborate with clients from initial concept development to design and layout, through coordination of finished or printed product and beyond, to ensure satisfaction
  • Produce mission-driven graphic solutions for a diversified clientele, infusing client’s core passion while ensuring message clarity and integrity
  • Create versatile promotional collateral including identity, branding, newsletters, brochures, signage, ads, annual reports, posters, vehicle graphics, etc.
  • Provide excellent writing, editing and presentation skills
  • Offer outstanding talent for brainstorming and concept development
  • Ensure accuracy with thorough attention to detail
  • Bring projects to fruition on time and within budget
  • Adept at InDesign, Photoshop, Illustrator, Microsoft Office suite; familiarity with GoLive, Dreamweaver, ImageReady, QuarkXPress, FreeHand; accomplished on both Mac and PC platforms.

Sean Donovan

Contact Sean today for a free consultation via email or by calling 206.860.8714.

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