Real Estate for Real People

Craig Brooke-Weiss is indeed a man of his word, with a “straightforward and heartfelt approach.” It was a pleasure collaborating with him to create this tri-fold brochure detailing the attitude and philosophy he brings to his work and life. Craig supplied some gorgeous photos (of his client’s homes), which allows for greater design flexibility and style. We reworked the wording quite a lot, in order to precisely and concisely describe what he brings to the table. In the end, I felt we were able to capture Craig’s forthright, honest, hardworking and colorful personality in a piece he feels confident represents him accurately, and in a compelling way, to prospective clients.

“If you have the opportunity to work to work with Sean Donovan, take it — you will be grateful you did. What rings true throughout over a decade of my working with Sean is his high degree of professionalism. He has enormous talent for delivering beautiful, top-shelf finished products, and distilling random ideas and bits of information into effective business marketing tools in the form of logos, cards, website banners and brochures. Not only are they effective, but they’re also works of art. I couldn’t possibly be more pleased with him or proud of the products I’ve entrusted him to create.” — Craig Brooke-Weiss

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