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Irish Week Poster

The official Irish Week poster for 2012, incorporating client Ralph Kosche’s concept, for the Irish Heritage Club of Seattle. The idea was to render the Pacific Science Center arches, encircled by the Monorail, and oh yes, must include the Century 21 logo. Well! I like nothing if not a challenge, and this rendering represents about 40 hours of design work and fascinating research in order to properly celebrate the 50 year anniversary of the Seattle World’s Fair. Indeed, I painstakingly hand traced the arches from a Science Center photo, invoked the Monorail with the “Irish Week” title and swooshing dateline, and even squeezed in a Century 21 / “I Was There” (a popular 1962 button) mashup. Adding the signature green, white and orange Irish flag colors topped off a piece with which I was ultimately quite chuffed.

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